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The Principle Of Insulating Glass Energy Saving And Practical Application

The main factors affecting the quality of hollow glass are the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process. The quality of raw materials will directly affect the quality and service life of hollow glass. At present, there are three main kinds of insulating glass in China: groove aluminum single seal, groove aluminum double seal, compound sealing rubber strip type insulating glass. The channel aluminum single seal has been gradually eliminated due to its poor sealing and easy to enter moisture, resulting in glass dew, frost and short service life.

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After the glass material is given, such as ordinary plate glass or tempered glass, according to the design theory of glass strength, the fracture strength of the glass original film is determined. Because of insulating glass machine production of glass is made up of two or more than two pieces of glass, peripheral seal form a seal air layer, hollow glass, in one side glass loading bearing surface deformation compression hollow glass layer gas, gas pressure increase, will be part of the load transfer to the other side glass, therefore in the condition of gas seal, hollow glass is two pieces of glass to share load, two pieces of glass and deformation. The insulating glass is a two-story or multi-layer plate glass made of butyl and polysulfide on the aluminum frame of the drying agent.

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The original glass that makes hollow glass can be colorless float glass, coating glass, toughened glass, laminated glass etc. Normal plate glass should be avoided, and the transparency and strength of ordinary plate glass are not required. The above glass original film must meet the corresponding standard requirements, and can only be used after passing the inspection. Different batches of glass of different manufacturers should first check for color difference before cutting, and the glass with the color difference is used for different projects or different building facades. The glass cutting dimensions should be strictly carried out according to the drawing requirements, while the operator should pay attention to the glass surface and not have any obvious defects such as scratches and bubbles. Selection of aluminum bar and insert Angle: the thickness of aluminum bar should be 0. 30mm ~. 35mm, the thickness should be uniform, the air hole distribution is uniform. Aluminum bars must be treated with anodic oxidation or decontamination. It is necessary to choose products with good quality and high grade to improve the utilization of aluminum bar. The corners should be chosen well, the surface should be cleaned.

The biggest advantage of the hollow glass is energy saving and environmental protection, modern building energy consumption is mainly air-conditioning and lighting, the former accounted for 55%, which accounted for 23%, the glass is the thinnest in exterior walls, and the most readily conduct heat materials. Hollow glass production line is used for most glass processing factory semi-automatic type plate pressure or roller production equipment, the tempo of the production is mainly limited to the speed of the tablet press and online cleaning machine speed. To improve a submit yield, we must implement the close of each working procedure before self and mutual inspection, from the examination, aluminum frame and butyl rubber coating, especially pay attention to the quality check box on the process, because of any defect in the process of basic can emerge, and before the close can more easily remedy treatment.