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The difference between bending steel and hot steel

1. What is the difference between thermal bending and bending hardening? Are they both safety glass?

A: thermally bent glass is made by heating glass to a softening temperature, then bending it into shape by gravity or external forces and cooling it naturally.Curved tempered glass is made by special equipment rapid air cooling after bending and forming.Hot bending glass does not belong to safety glass, bending steel glass belongs to safety glass.

2. What is the range of machining dimensions of hot bending and bending steel?

Answer: wear. Because of hot bend glass is to do mould to process, want a mould to do only in principle come out, can undertake hot bend to glass.

The minimum radius is 500mm, the maximum arc length is 3000mm, and the maximum height is 3000mm.But usually the minimum radius of the manufacturer is no less than 1500mm.