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The advantages of glass block

1.sound insulation

Due to the particularity of its material, so whether it's next to the noisy street or surrounding plants use, can have excellent sound insulation effect, the noise of the street, in the field of low frequency (125 hz), can adjust to the quiet office level, in the field of high frequency (2000 hz), adjust the level of to home at night, therefore, vitreous brick structure is an ideal way to solve has high sound insulation requirements.

2. High light transmittance and selective perspective

This kind of product of high transmission line is unmatched by many material, at the same time it also can make whole bedroom by means of the diffuse light is downy light, solve the discomfort to direct sunlight, sunlight through the glass brick wall also can reach secondary pervious to light, or even three times in the pervious to light, greatly improve the level of indoor light environment, make indoor the atmosphere stability, soft.

3. Flexible use

The use of such products, more flexible, using range is wide, and combination of different specifications brick can present a variety of aesthetic feeling, for example, adopted after vitreous brick, between wei yu is solve the problem of moisture proof, and hazy beauty, use vitreous brick partition, there will be a lie between and space of constant beauty, laying the balcony glass brick facade, anti rust and corrosion resistance can be relieved.