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reinforced glass and explosion-proof glass

Reinforced glass is not explosion-proof glass

Strengthened glass is made by high temperature and cooling. Its function is not to hurt people like ordinary glass when it is collided. It will break into granules. It is a kind of safety glass for daily use.

Strengthened glass: the strength is several times higher than ordinary glass, bending strength is 3-5 times of ordinary glass, impact strength is 5-10 times of ordinary glass, improve the strength and safety at the same time.

Explosion-proof glass: with high strength and safety performance, is 20 times the same as ordinary float glass. General glass in the hard impact, once broken will become granular glass, splashing around, endangering personal safety. And our research and production of explosion-proof glass, in the hard impact, only see cracks, glass. But it is still intact and smooth to touch by hand without harming anyone. Explosion-proof glass not only has high safety performance, but also can be damp-proof, cold-proof, fire-proof and ultraviolet-proof.