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Patterned glass

Patterned glass also known as pattern glass, or rolled glass, liquid is colorless or colored glass, carved by pattern roll continuous rolling of flat glass with a pattern. Characteristics of patterned glass is translucent (light transmittance 60%~70%), perspective, concave-convex pattern on the surface not only diffused, soft light, and highly decorative. Embossed pattern side of glass, aerosol spray after vacuum coating, color coating, or, have good heat-reflecting ability, icing on the cake rich, gives a feeling of luxurious, bright, if properly after the match with light, decorative effect is better. Application note pattern towards the Interior, and perspective to consider the pattern shape. Figured glass apply perspective has different requirements of the indoor places of interiors and separated, can be used for processing screens, lamps and other crafts and commodities.

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