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Mirror (smooth surface and ability to reflect light goods)

Mirror is a smooth surface, and has the ability to reflect light. Most common mirrors are plane mirrors, often used to tidy up their appearance. In science, and mirrors are often used in telescopes, laser, industrial equipment, instrumentation, surface regular reflection properties of polished metal components and metal products metal coated glass or reflective film, often set with metal, plastic or wooden frame. Mirror mirror and mirror categories. Surface of lens and concave mirror, convex mirror, mainly used for clothing and makeup mirrors, furniture fittings, architectural pieces, optical instrument components and solar cooker mirrors, lights and searchlights, reflecting telescope, car rear view mirror

Manufacturing method

Glass reflection imaging of surface processing of electroless silver plating and vacuum evaporation method, is the most commonly used method of electroless silver plating. This method is in the silver nitrate is soluble in water, and ammonia and sodium hydroxide, ammonia hydroxide solution and dilute to silver salt, made of silver plating liquid. To invert sugar, sodium potassium tartrate or formaldehyde solution for reducing solution. Glass cutting, edging (by polishing when necessary), surface wash, with a dilute solution of stannous chloride sensitized, wash, and then mixed with silver plating solution and restore liquid impregnated surface immediately, mirror formed after the wash, followed by copper and protective paint. Vacuum evaporation method is to clean the glass, placed in a 0.1~10Pa vacuum evaporation devices, the spiral filament power, high temperature alloy vaporize in the spiral, deposited in formed on the surface of the mirror glass. Can also be used for electron guns instead of tungsten wire heating. Vacuum evaporation or smooth metal surface can be processed into a mirror.

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