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Matters needing attention for car windscreen maintenance

  1. Use glass water reasonably

In the process of the glass maintenance at ordinary times, we should choose appropriate glass water according to the season and the specific situation of the weather. And the problem that discovers glass to glance carelessly at night, also can be wiped with vitreous water. In addition to running high speed or dusty conditions, glass water will be used very quickly, also pay attention to the immediate injection of new glass water.

2.Film your car

There is also a simple process of applying a towel to the instrument, keeping it clean -- cleaning glass -- cutting film -- shaping the insulation film on the outside glass of the car window -- according to the glass shape, cutting corners -- cleaning inside glass -- formalizing coating -- rolling water, blowing the corners with a windpipe -- and finally cleaning. These steps are indispensable. If the film patch is not effective, the owner can ask the shop owner to rework, so that the car glass can be best protected.

3.Love car glass insurance

Glass is broken alone danger, namely insurance company is in charge of compensating for insurance car in use process, happen this car glass is broken alone of a kind of commercial insurance. Broken glass alone means that the insured vehicle only has windshield and window glass (excluding headlights and mirror glass), which are damaged.Buy glass insurance to love a car, can assure the safety of glass effectively, car owner also can trust drive. Detection methods! To improve the safety of products, but also to improve the performance of products!