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How to prevent light pollution?

Light pollution in city glass curtain walls

With the development of modern architectural technology, glass curtain wall has become the symbol of modern architecture. It is reported that the development speed of "glass curtain wall", a new technology with short history but much controversy, is amazing in China. In the past decade, there have been no fewer than 240 glass-walled high-rise buildings in Shanghai alone. This kind of one-sided pursuit building appearance beauty and neglect its light pollution and so on ecology negative effect practice, should arouse people's attention. Experts regard the main carrier of urban light pollution as "urban hidden danger", "light killer", this is not alarmist.

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Control the reflection of glass curtain wall building

Building glass curtain wall and the sun is directly related to time, Angle, a lot of buildings in order to fashion, beautiful, have used glass curtain wall to decorate, the designer must pay attention to, in the southeast side of the house of sunshine, to reduce or avoid the use of glass curtain wall to decorate, and weak house north of rizhao, time is shorter, better to install the glass curtain wall.

Aiming at the problem of preventing the reflection of glass curtain wall, experts put forward:

First, select materials to choose materials such as rough, and should not use all reflective glass;

Second, attention should be paid to the Angle of the installation of glass curtain wall, and try not to use glass curtain wall in concave and inclined buildings.

Thirdly, double layers of glass can be installed inside the glass curtain wall, and black absorbing materials can be affixed to the inside glass, which can absorb light in large amounts and avoid the influence of reflected light on citizens.