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How to ensure the thermal uniformity of glass in the heating furnace when produce tempered glass

  In the production of tempered glass, the more uniform the temperature distribution of the heating furnace, the better the product quality. In order to stabilize production, the following measures should be taken to ensure the thermal uniformity of the glass in the heating furnace.

1, reduce the steel ferries, at the same time according to the different thickness of the glass to extend the heating time.

2. During each loading and continuous loading, the horizontal and vertical arrangement of glass in the tempering furnace should be even.

3. The setting of tempering process parameters shall be adjusted by the operator according to the loading condition of the heating furnace.

4, the use of efficient insulation materials, greatly reduce heat consumption.

5. High-power and long-life heating elements are adopted to ensure uniform temperature distribution while maintaining normal power balance.

6. Adopt the heating furnace heat balance system to further balance the temperature uniformity in the furnace.