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How to choose soundproof glass

  In daily life, we often use all kinds of glass products, such as glass Windows, glasses, glass sliding doors and so on. Both beautiful and practical, glass products can not only attract people with their crystal clear appearance, but also make full use of its hard and durable physical properties. Some art glass even adds more pattern to the glass to enhance the decorative effect. In this article we will introduce the selection of sound insulation glass material is better, and sound insulation glass according to what criteria to choose.

1, insulating glass no sound insulation

Hollow glass is not a vacuum glass, both are different, the concept of insulating glass is made of two pieces of glass (or three), the use of high strength and high air tightness composite binder, the glass and containing desiccant bonding of aluminum alloy frame, highly efficient noise insulation made of glass. The sound insulation glass, hollow glass not professional though effective for voice, but in the low frequency noise of the traffic noise and others is of no effect. Hollow glass insulation performance is bad, so using hollow glass as sound insulation window, the effect is very limited.

2. Sound insulation performance and disadvantages of vacuum glass

Vacuum glass is to close around two pieces of flat glass, and pump the clearance into vacuum and seal the exhaust hole. The gap between the two pieces of glass is 01-02mm, and at least one piece of the two pieces of vacuum glass is low-radiation glass, so that the heat lost through the conduction, convection and radiation of the vacuum glass will be reduced.

3. Sound insulation performance and advantages of laminated glass:

(1) the volume of laminated glass is subject to the law of quality, namely: surface density (material density and thickness product) to determine the overall volume volume; Have known laminated glass know, laminated glass is generally two layers of glass and film composition, thickness is not large, glass density is large, and laminated glass surface density, its sound insulation performance is more ideal.

(2)The laminated glass has the anastomotic effect of sound insulation performance. The anastomotic effect of laminated glass appears around 3000Hz, which is far away from the traffic noise of low and medium frequency, and it is the sound insulation glass adopted by the currently ideal busy traffic trunk road.

(3) is equivalent to a piece of laminated glass in the middle of the film damping layer, can effectively suppress the vibration of the glass, so as to improve the sound insulation performance of the glass. It is well known that sound waves through the impact of glass, the glass to produce noise, the vibration propagation and single-layer glass, hollow glass, vacuum glass and laminated glass, due to acoustic impact vibration, the vibration is the voice, but because of the laminated glass film, effectively reduce the vibration of the glass.

(4) the better the performance of vibration reduction of film, the overall sound insulation performance of the laminated glass is, the better (increase 1 ~ 3 db), especially for the low frequency sound insulation performance. Leaves home sound insulation window using dupont film damping is polyvinyl butyral resin after plasticizer plasticizing extrusion forming of a kind of polymer material, it is a good film in laminated glass, has a good sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-theft, lighting and safety performance, sound insulation performance is very ideal.