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How does glass become moldy do

We've seen a lot of things get moldy when they're put in, and glass is one of them, and glass gets moldy because it's stored in a bad environment, too hot, or whatever.In light will see some bad points, watermarking, and oil, serious effect the beauty of the glass and moldy glass will lose their original luster, transparency reduced, if large quantities of glass mold, will cost a lot of glass, glass mold mainly include: the process of beginning is water or moisture adsorption on the surface of glass, and then the water inside the glass diffusion, after a long period of time, water will react with glass in the material, the material will be formed in the glass surface spots.How to do then glass mildew, can use hydrofluoric acid solution 1:50 ratio clean glass surface after clean water clean clean, citric acid 1:50 ratio clean glass surface after clean water clean clean clean.Mildew of glass is to wait for element to concern with environment commonly, store, transport, so do not store too long.