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How can glass be more insulated in winter

1, preferred flat window: flat window (can be opened 90 degrees window) will be far better than push window. Flat window is sealed with adhesive strip commonly, push pull a window to use wool to seal, so of flat window close solid sex and the respect such as cut off dirt, rainwater can be stronger than push pull window; And flat window undertakes locking with lock of 2 o 'clock lock or heaven and earth commonly, and push-pull window is to use hook lock or clink, so airtightness respect is flat window also strong a lot of.

2, bay window/French window is less than metope 30%: bay window, French window because beautiful so by more and more residential large number of USES, but these two kinds of Windows often go against indoor heat preservation, especially northwest facing window is not suitable to use this kind of window. Even if use, the area also should not exceed the 30% of one side wall.

3, residential window ground is compared 1/7-1/10: when household is decorated, window area shoulds not open too big, window area is bigger, cause the heat loss of the room is bigger, reasonable residential window ground is compared (window area and room ground area are compared) should be 1:7 to 1:10.