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Historical origin

China's slave society was in the early Bronze age, people in the long-term practice of bronze metallurgy, understanding of composition, performance and relationship between use and artificial control of ratio of copper, Tin and lead. Recorded in ancient books, the kaogongji "Golden six-line", that is, six ratio of the alloy. Finally: "gold, Tin and a half, that the alignment of the channel. "Is making mirror ratio. "Kam" means mirror, with high Tin, because the mirror grinding out the shiny surface and silver color, casting was also needed to ensure the delicate patterns.

In China more than 2000 years ago produced the fine "translucent mirror", it can reflect a mirror behind the tapestry, it attracted great interest. In order to unlock the "translucent mirror" mystery, scholars at home and abroad spent hundreds of years of research and exploration, until only recently discovered that this is due to the mirror after the manufacturing process, ranging from minor relative to the back curvature, through reflection against the back of the pattern. This fully shows the Chinese ancient advanced mirror technology and light reflection characteristics of deep awareness.