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Glass market division, spot prices stable

On October 25, China's glass composite index stood at 1157.31, up from 1.36. China glass price index 1186.34 points, month-on-month rise of 1.41 points; China glass confidence index 1041.17, up from 1.18. 2. The fourth east China and north China meeting in 2018 determined that the price of each manufacturer should be raised according to their own situation. After the meeting, the price of each factory in Beijing, tianjin and shandong will be raised by 20 yuan/ton. 3. The general office of the ministry of industry and information technology and the general office of the national development and reform commission recently issued the notice on serious capacity replacement, which strictly prohibits new production capacity in the cement flat glass industry.

Summary of views: the overall performance of the spot market of glass has been temporarily stable, the factory output is normal, the market confidence is a little bit insufficient. The glass market shows a pattern of weak in the north and strong in the south. In order to drain the capital of inventory withdrawal, manufacturers in east China and east China flexibly adjust the price to increase the delivery of goods. The glass market in the southern region is stable, while the orders of terminal manufacturers and traders have not increased significantly, and most of them just need to get the goods. Additional, north low price glass enters southern market to swim the influence on certain level, hind city south area possibly reduces low price glass shock, short-term glass presents concussion trend. On the technical side, the price of glass 1901 closed down, the lower level temporarily stabilized 1,300, the pressure level of 1350-1360 was tested above, and the short-term glass futures showed the trend of interval fluctuation. Operationally, trading in the 1300-1360 range.