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Glass in building

Humans learn to make use of glass has a history of thousands of years, but more than 1000 years, and glass as building material is comparatively slow. As modern science and technology and technical development and improvement of people's living standards, function is no longer just to meet the lighting requirements of architectural glass, but is able to adjust the lighting, insulation, security (bulletproof, theft, fire, radiation protection, protection against electromagnetic interference), art deco features. With the development of demand, shaping and processing of flat glass processing methods also have a new development. Now, have developed laminated, tempered, ion exchange, glazed decoration, new technology such as chemical decomposition and cathode sputtering glass, the rapid increase in the use of glass in architecture, became the third largest after the cement and steel construction materials

Architectural glass (architectural glass) are the main varieties of flat glass, has a smooth Crystal surface, light, sound insulation, thermal insulation, wear-resistant, climate change, stable material advantages. It is based on quartz sand, sandstone or quartzite, dolomite, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc as the main raw material, by crushing, screening, mixing, melting, forming, annealing, cooling, processing made from operation.