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Flat glass

Glass for Windows

Windows used to create flat glass or flat glass mirror glass, glass for short, is without the grinding of flat glass. Mainly used for the doors and Windows of buildings, walls, outdoor decoration, plays a light, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind and protective role, can also be used to store counters, shop Windows and some vehicles (cars, boats, etc) of doors and Windows. The thickness of flat glass for Windows, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm five, 2~3mm thick, often used in civil construction, 4~6mm thick, mainly for industrial and high-rise buildings.

Polished glass

Polished glass mirror glass and white glass, polished plate glass is polished, single-sided polished and polished on both sides are two of the glass is polished to remove the glass containing defects such as glass-reinforced. Polished glass surface is flat and smooth and glossy, perspective or reflect scenery from any direction are not deformed, its thickness is generally 5~6mm, size can be produced. Used to install large high Windows and doors, Windows or mirrors.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass, also known as frosted glass, are mechanical sand spraying, manual grinding or using methods such as hydrofluoric acid, are ordinary flat glass surface treatment is uniformly rough surfaces of. The glass surface is rough, light diffuse reflection, has the characteristics of light does not pivot, and indoor light. It is often used in toilets, bathrooms, toilets, offices, corridors and other partitions, also may make the Board surface.