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electronically controlled dimming glass

Dimming glass, full name electronically controlled dimming glass, is a use of electricity to adjust the line of sight glass.

Electronically controlled dimmer glass is actually a high-tech liquid crystal film installed between two layers of glass, high-temperature and high-pressure processing into laminated glass.It has the function of "transparent power supply and atomizing power supply".

When the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the glass are irregularly dispersed, so the light cannot pass through.When energized, the liquid crystal molecules are aligned in order, light can enter, and the glass is transparent!                                                                                                                                                                           

So what benefits does the dimming glass bring to our life? Intelligent dimming products not only have dimming glass, but also intelligent electronically controlled dimming film.Need to be on the foundation of original glass door window only, stick on electric control to adjust smooth film, also can enjoy intelligent adjust smooth life.