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electrochromic glass

We have found that traditional hollow doors and windows are a good choice for achieving the above functions of electrochromic glass. Electrochromism refers to the optical properties of materials, including transmittance reflectance, haze, chromaticity, etc., which achieve stable and reversible changes under low voltage drive between -3V and 3V. Electrochromic glass represents the future development direction of glass. In the field of construction, the future electrochromic glass can partially replace the traditional external sunshade and internal shading system, while providing a wide field of vision, energy saving effect and scientific beauty, achieving intelligent sunshade and intelligence. Multiple functions of privacy, intelligent dimming, and intelligent energy saving.

In this situation, all-solid electrochromic glass (hereinafter referred to as EC glass) came into being. EC glass can absorb more than 98% of visible light and more than 99% of infrared light. In this state, it has strong shading performance and good privacy performance. It is suitable for summer sunshade. When winter comes, it changes the applied voltage. Direction, so that lithium ions can be reversibly detached from the tungsten trioxide crystal lattice, and the transparent state is restored. So 60 to 70% of visible light and 33% or more of infrared light can enter the room through the EC glass, suitable for winter lighting and room. Keep warm and keep warm.