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Do you know what low-radiation glass is?

  Low radiation glass is a coated glass with a high reflectance (80% or more) to far infrared rays with a wavelength range of 4.5~25 microns. It is through the high quality float glass surface coating metal or low emissivity coating of metal oxide film, make its have the reflection of far infrared performance, can effectively prevent high temperature to low temperature field of heat radiation, and can effectively prevent enter indoor summer heat and winter heat leak, has the bidirectional energy saving effect.

Low Emissivity glass is also called low-e glass, low-e is short for Low Emissivity in English. Low-e glass adopts physical or chemical methods to coat the glass surface with metal film or metal oxide film containing one or two layers or even multi-layer film system, so as to reduce energy absorption or control indoor and outdoor energy exchange, guarantee the comfort of life and work, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving.