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Did you get the window glass right

1.Common glass: the most common style, the most common quality, not too much to say, all families can have.

2. Laminated glass: there is a layer of polyethylene film in the middle. The glass will not fall all over the ground when it is accidentally broken, a kind of safety glass.

3. Toughened glass: the common annealed glass is heated and then rapidly cooled for tempering treatment.The impact resistance of such glass is significantly higher than that of ordinary glass.

4.Insulating glass: a combination of two or more pieces of glass with dry air or other gases in between.This kind of glass comes out to basically be to save energy to reduce noise, adiabatic heat preservation, and the glass of two side can replace above a few kinds of glass, such can achieve maximum use result, give a person with perfect experience.

Nowadays, insulating glass is more commonly used. It has advantages in both appearance and performance.