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Craft glass background wall decoration case shows exquisite artistic effect

With the increasingly rich types and materials of art glass, a large art glass family is being formed.Make household setting wall with adornment art glass, it is not a novel idea nowadays.Art deco glass is already common in many high-end hotels, restaurants and clubs.

According to different craft technology and expression means, at present adornment art glass can be divided into anaglyphic glass, stand carve glass, flat arenaceous glass, colour crystal glass to wait.

Vertical glass carving, combined with sand, color, texture and other techniques, the artistic effect is stronger.

The design of surface of anaglyph glass is concave and convex have send, stereo feeling is strong, suit to appear as household setting wall very much.Embossment glass has color, deep carving and shallow carving and other types, according to the thickness of glass appropriate to deepen the depth of the sculpture, the most able to show the craft of fine carving.

Flat glass

Flat arenaceous glass is used at partition action more in daily life, because although it is pervious to light but not be completely transparent however, resemble the glass screen in the picture, can divide the function that makes interval as sitting room partition.

Superior silver mirror glass

Simple atmosphere square art glass background wall pattern design, black light reflective material, for us to create a simple atmosphere, fashion luxury dining environment.

Need not be confined to some kind of glass when choosing craft glass, can mix through the means that build combination gives differentia effect, and glass has the characteristic of refraction ray and transparent, because this still can match different lamplight to show more effect.