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Common quality problems of coated glass

  Definition and description: when viewed from a non-coated surface, there are irregular black speckled or speckled surface defects on coated glass. Have mildew, paper grain commonly, sucker is printed, original piece is stained with tin wait for a phenomenon with watermark.

Cause: the occurrence of spots or stripes more, which is mainly before the original film coating defects, or after coating due to improper storage and use of such reasons.

1, production: generally speaking, coating glass production process itself will not produce these defects, mainly in the original quality. For example, the original film is not fresh appear moldy and paper grain printing; The original film itself brought by the suction plate and tin, etc. Water marks caused by poor cleaning of tempered or semi-tempered glass; As well as contamination of the original sheet itself, these are likely to cause coating glass product spots or spots defects.

2, storage and construction installation: because the glass is placed in a humid and unventilated environment for a long time, or placed outdoors by the sun and rain, the glass may be moldy or bad and appear spots or stripes.

3, film pollution: due to improper installation and cleaning, may also cause local pollution of the glass and make the glass spots or stripes. In addition, because the glass is not timely cleaning, resulting in dust and soot and other stolen goods attached to the surface of the glass for a long time, because the cleaning will not come off and appear spots or speckles of pollution.