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Difference between silk screen glass and paint glass

There is a silk screen glass and baking glass in the glass process, these two kinds of glass is not easy to distinguish, if do not understand their principle, is very difficult to distinguish.

Silk printing glass: silk printing is used above a lot of plate glass, mainly in the glass screen printing beautiful patterns, silk printing needs to have an independent room, before the screen printing, special printing ink, drying ink oven.

Silk-screen glass is very common glass, such as display glass, mobile phone glass, electrical glass, advertising machine glass.This kind of glass on the requirements of silk screen, so silk screen is a test of careful and experience of the technical work.                                                                                                                                                                                      Paint glass: paint glass can also be as the same as screen glass to paint a simple pattern, paint mainly used in the material is paint, spray guns, for example, spray ink evenly on the surface of the glass, and then paint drying.Painted glass is mainly used in decorative materials.