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Advantages of glass greenhouse

Advantages of glass greenhouse:



 1. Uniform distribution of indoor light: large slope triangular roof (that is, only one triangular roof in a span), its backlight slope in the glass greenhouse will form a large shadow, the growth of plants in this area is poor. And the small slope triangular roof can make the light evenly distributed.


 2. Low heat consumption: Compared with large slope triangular roof glass greenhouse, under the same building area, the same eaves height and the same periphery protection area, the small slope roof glass greenhouse has less construction space and therefore less heat consumption.


 3. Anti-dew function: In cold weather season, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so condensate water is easily produced inside the roof of glass greenhouse. Because of the small slope, the condensate water in the small triangle roof has flowed into the aluminium material which collects the condensate water in the sink before the condensate water has accumulated to the drop level, so as to prevent the leaf diseases caused by the condensate water droplets.


 4. Easy maintenance of greenhouse: Because of the small slope, the maintenance and cleaning of roof are easy to carry out.


 5. The glass greenhouse adopts hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which is durable and strong in wind and pressure resistance.


 6. Glass is used as the covering material of greenhouse, with good transmittance, good sealing, thermal insulation wall and high ornamental.


 7. Large-span spire design, large indoor operation space, high utilization rate of glass greenhouse, good display effect.