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Acid-etched Glass Technology

Will engrave the glass of character or design, decorative pattern to serve as adornment, beautiful and easy.And the way to do that is by etching,

That is, the use of chemical agents - etching agent to etch glass etching method.As etching agent, hydrofluoric acid has been used for a long time.

As the etching method, is to be engraved glass;Wash and dry flat, coated with gasoline dissolved paraffin solution as protection

A protective layer that carves the desired text or pattern from a cured paraffin layer.When carving, must carve through paraffin layer, make glass

Show.Hydrofluoric acid is then applied to the letters or patterns that appear on the glass.According to the depth of the required pattern, control the corrosion time

After a certain period of time, with warm water to wash away the paraffin and hydrofluoric acid, can be made with beautiful patterns of glass.The law

Long used, but because of gasoline, hydrofluoric acid volatile, serious pollution;Need protective layer, operation is complex.This etched glass is

For ammonium fluoride as the active component of the etching agent, etching process without protective layer, less pollution, easy to operate.

I. features :(1) the special etching agent with ammonium fluoride as the active component is used, which causes less pollution and greatly improves the operating environment.

(2) without protective layer, it can not only save paraffin and gasoline, but also reduce the manufacturing process and improve the efficiency.

(3) the etching agent used is easy to obtain, prepare and use.

(4) compared with the previous system, the etched glass, good quality, low cost.

Two, use: etching glass, can be used to do shop, family plaques, decorative supplies, as well as unit certificates and so on;The etching

Glassware shall be used for handicrafts, daily articles, for decorations and daily use.