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Decorative Pattern Art Stained Glass

Decorative Pattern Art Stained Glass

2mm acid etched glass in high quality is also called non-glare glass, it's mainly used for high grade picture frame glass, please click picture frame glass. 3mm,3.2mm,4mm high quality acid etched glass(non-glare glass) can be widely used for many electronic products like projection screen, touch screen, instruments display

Detailed description

Model : BFT-5027 

12mm Frosted Glass/Acid Etched Glass/Sand Blasted Glass is also called Acid etched glass/Translucent glass and so on.
It is produced by corroding the surface of clear float glass sheet to get the translucent fog effect. The effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering of light during transmission, thus blurring images which brings a kind of dim beauty.
Acid etched glass has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance.
Performance Feature
- Patterns can be customized
- Well protecting privacy;
- Making the light soften;
- Can be one side or both frosted.
Frosted Glass is widely used in Building curtain wall interior and exterior decoration, hallway to separating room, furniture decoration and so on.
- Window and door; 
- Partitions (dining room, living room, bathroom, sauna room, kitchens etc;
- Shower cubicles/screens;
- Hallway;
- Furniture applications;
- Residential & commercial buildings, shopping mall, banks, museums, hotels, etc.
Technical Data

Product Name12mm Frosted Glass/Acid Etched Glass/Sand Blasted Glass
Glass thickness3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm, etc.
SizeMax. Size2000mm * 3800mm
Min. Size300mm * 300mm
ColorClear, Ultra Clear, Blue, Green, Bronze, Grey, Pink, etc
shapeFlat and curved/bent
Typesgeneral acid etched glass, fingerprint free acid etched glass, single side and double sides' acid etched glass


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