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Frosted/Painted Glass

Frosted/Painted Glass

Acid etched glass as long as glass through the frosting processing can be called frosted glass.With fingerprint free, acid etched glass offers a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. Because of its consistent quality, durability and rich outlook, acid etched glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance

Detailed description

Model :BFT-5021

Product Name:Acid Etched Glass
ColorClear,Super Clear,blue,Bronze,Grey,green,etc.

Could be produced as per request
SizeMax size:2440mm×3600mm

Min size:200mm×200mm

Different sizes as per customer's requirement;
Quality StandardsISO,CCC 
DesignFrosted Glass can be produced with your design
Package Stylefresh paper interleaved, standard wooden crates by seaworthy
Application1.Fixed and sliding partitions.

2.Offices, Hotels, Restaurants,Airport,Station,etc.

3.Glass door.

4.Windows and facade glazing.

5.Shower and bath screens.

6.Furniture (glazed cupboards, kitchen and bathroom furniture, )

Designed acid etched glass:

1) The titanium ones are made by clear float glass with two mainly processes--titanium coated and acid etched.

2) The deep acid etched ones are take more time in acid washing, and the washing method is different from the simple acid etched ones. Sometime it will gain snow flower effect.

3) The iced flower acid etched ones have three technologies, first take silk screen print, and then taking acid etched and finally make iced flower effect.

Decorative glass:

Pure Acid etched one (without design): clear float glass with single or double sides acid washing.

Pure acid etched one (with design): clear float glass processed by two steps, that is, silk screen print to get the design and then take acid washing.


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